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A Symphony of Unique Tastes

Our Chop Cheese isn't merely a sandwich; it's an experience. While paying homage to the legendary New York chopped cheese sandwich, we've added our own signature flair, making it an iconic Las Vegas delicacy.

Exclusive Pop-Up Residencies: A Culinary Event Not to Be Missed

Our Chop Cheese's magic doesn't just lie in its taste but also in how we present it. With our exclusive pop-up residencies throughout Las Vegas, gourmet enthusiasts get a rare chance to savor this exceptional creation. These events are crafted to generate excitement and a touch of luxury, enticing customers to dive into the experience before it's gone.

Word about our Chop Cheese's captivating taste has spread like wildfire, making it a top pick for both the city's residents and its myriad visitors.

As Las Vegas cements its reputation as a global culinary hotspot, CJ's Original 'Chop Cheese' shines as a testament to the city's culinary innovation and diversity. 

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