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Munchie Menu

Served Daily between 10am-8pm

Chop Cheese

Just eat it.

Cj's Original Chop Cheese

Our famous original chop cheese. Quality beef, onions, peppers, American cheese and a lot of love.



★ Sirloin Steak Chop Cheese

Shaved sirloin steak chopped cheese. Like none other...




CJ's one of a kind delicious side items.

OG Yuca Fries

Fried Costa Rican imported yuca. Paired with Mamá Patito's Homemade Salsa.



Green Salsa

Mamá Patito Homemade Green Salsa


Red Salsa

Mamá Patito's Red Homemade Salsa


Kungfu Tofu

A delicious gently deep-fried tofu with a tangy house made sweet and spicy sauce.


Gluten free

OG Well-Crafted Bevs

Cj's Homemade Gourmet Drinks. You have no idea.

Lemon OG

12 oz of CJ's Well-Crafted Original Ginger Lemonade.


★ Blackberry OG

12 oz of CJ's Well-Crafted Blackberry Original Ginger Lemonade


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